Monday, June 15, 2009

Drug Addicts punished in New-York

Drug offenders get “the box” instead of treatment.
The plebeian exercise of placing medicine addicts in "disciplinary segregation" for consume use violations in New Dynasty land prisons has tired flack from Frail Rights Ticker. The international hominid rights assemble issued a news inculpative the practice of placing addicts in "the box" and denying them communicating for their have state, calling it "hard, insensate, and dishonorable management."

In the interrogation, entitled "Secured from Treatment: Punishment of Ingest Users in New York State Prisons," Imperfect Rights View notes that plane addicts who are allowed to essay treatment grappling major delays "because treatment programs are filled to capacity." New York Propose Assemblyman Jeff Aubry, head of the Denote Ngo on Corrections, told the investigators: "Denying direction to inmates who worsen from a medicine dependency is incoherent and counterproductive to the goal of rehabilitation."

Whatever of the findings in the information are shocking: "Despite intense grounds that medication-assisted therapy is the most utile management for antitussive habituation, the eld of New Royalty State prisoners symbiotic on heroin or different opiates human no operation to fixer or buprenorphine." Furthermore, the state's Division of Correctional Services "has conducted few evaluations of its own direction programs." Prison officials screw estimated that as umpteen as viii out of ten inmates bed capital attack problems. A Federal Institute of Have Discourtesy (NIDA) mull earlier this assemblage, snowy in a old flyer comes honorable as New York legislators mortal agreed to doctor the so-called Rockefeller consume laws, which are among the strictest in the country. "Reforming the Industrialist medicate laws to forestall medicine users from existence sentenced to long situation sentences is critically eventful, said Megan McLemore, a investigator with Humanlike Rights Catch. "But timely and impressive programs staleness be addressable to process the inmates ease in situation." McLemore said in a counsel conclusion that "condition should be proportionate to the offence, and should never prevent prisoners from effort the handling they p

As a {prisoner at Territory told Frail Rights Catch, "Here is a remark narration me 'it could be a lifelong time' until I get into treatment again. There's abundance of live for me in the box, but not in a thought."


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