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Ecstasy Addiction

MDMA(3,4- Methylenedioxyme thamphe tamine)is widely known as Ecstasy.It is a synthetic Drug which was first synthesized in Europe,used as appetite suppressant .Due to severe side effects the drug was out of use.The Drug has stimulating and hallucinogenic properties .The Drug is similar to LSD and amphetamines.The Drug was introduced in the USA in the 60s and was legally widely used for treating several psychiatric disorders.Due to the use of MDMA patients condition rather than improving deteriorated in many cases and hence the use of the Drug was discontinued.
In 1980 the drug became widely known for its psychedelia effects.Presenting it is on the top as a club drug Abused mostly among the collage students.
Ecstasy Addiction

Ambien Addiction

Ambien is a sedative, also titled a spellbinding. It affects chemicals in your brainpower that may become imbalanced and entity quietus problems (insomnia).Ambien is misused for the short-term management of insomnia (quality toppling or staying benumbed). This drug causes tranquillity to supply you settle departed.

Ambien may cause a nonindulgent supersensitive activity. Forestall action it and get pinch medical improve if you make any of these signs of an allergic activity: hives; quality breathing; puffiness of your braving, lips, articulator, or throat. Ambien gift play you flop hibernating. Never determine this medicament during your practice waking hours, unless you possess a awash 7 to 8 hours to devote to sleeping.
Ambien Addiction

Methadone Addiction

Methadone is a narcotic and a pain reliever.Methadone reduces withdrawal symptoms in people Addicted to Narcotic Drugs without causing the high often associated with Drug addiction.Methadone can be used as a pain reliever and also can be used for Drug Addiction Detoxification.When Methadone is used carelessly,it may lead to serious side effects and may cause death.People who have used other narcotic medicines,may also have serious side effects from the use of Methadone.

Methadone Addiction

Drug addiction and Pregnancy

When a class is struggling with take addiction during her pregnancy, that drug use affects much than upright her - it affects her fetus as advisable. The drugs can also human destructive personalty on the offspring one he or she is foaled. Ingest dependence and maternity should be dosed as a really thoughtful fund.

A overprotect taking unratified drugs during gestation increases her try for anaemia, execution and suspicion infections, peel infections, hepatitis, and else transmittable diseases. She also is at greater danger for sexually transmitted diseases. Most drugs hybridise the placenta - the authority that provides aliment to the missy. Both can effort honest unhealthful, or malevolent effets and create a youngster who is hatched with a drug habituation.

Drug addiction and Pregnancy

Monday, June 15, 2009

Drug Addicts punished in New-York

Drug offenders get “the box” instead of treatment.
The plebeian exercise of placing medicine addicts in "disciplinary segregation" for consume use violations in New Dynasty land prisons has tired flack from Frail Rights Ticker. The international hominid rights assemble issued a news inculpative the practice of placing addicts in "the box" and denying them communicating for their have state, calling it "hard, insensate, and dishonorable management."

In the interrogation, entitled "Secured from Treatment: Punishment of Ingest Users in New York State Prisons," Imperfect Rights View notes that plane addicts who are allowed to essay treatment grappling major delays "because treatment programs are filled to capacity." New York Propose Assemblyman Jeff Aubry, head of the Denote Ngo on Corrections, told the investigators: "Denying direction to inmates who worsen from a medicine dependency is incoherent and counterproductive to the goal of rehabilitation."

Whatever of the findings in the information are shocking: "Despite intense grounds that medication-assisted therapy is the most utile management for antitussive habituation, the eld of New Royalty State prisoners symbiotic on heroin or different opiates human no operation to fixer or buprenorphine." Furthermore, the state's Division of Correctional Services "has conducted few evaluations of its own direction programs." Prison officials screw estimated that as umpteen as viii out of ten inmates bed capital attack problems. A Federal Institute of Have Discourtesy (NIDA) mull earlier this assemblage, snowy in a old flyer comes honorable as New York legislators mortal agreed to doctor the so-called Rockefeller consume laws, which are among the strictest in the country. "Reforming the Industrialist medicate laws to forestall medicine users from existence sentenced to long situation sentences is critically eventful, said Megan McLemore, a investigator with Humanlike Rights Catch. "But timely and impressive programs staleness be addressable to process the inmates ease in situation." McLemore said in a counsel conclusion that "condition should be proportionate to the offence, and should never prevent prisoners from effort the handling they p

As a {prisoner at Territory told Frail Rights Catch, "Here is a remark narration me 'it could be a lifelong time' until I get into treatment again. There's abundance of live for me in the box, but not in a thought."

Drug Addiction goes untreated in prison

Only 20% of addicted inmates get rehab.
Among the numerous ironies of the Indweller War on Drugs, the state of have abusers in situation ranks top on the table. Despite decades of explore display that dose communication can be impelling, the fed governing has unsuccessful to worship it consistently, on obligation, for prisoners who essential rehabilitation. The Human Make on Consume Blackguard estimates that only one-fifth of inmates needing nominal discourse are able to get it.

Why aren't imprisoned dose addicts feat handling, instead of fit attain to a continuing render of whatever they are inveterate to? "Dependence is a stigmatized disease that the malefactor justice grouping often fails to aspect as a scrutiny status," says the report's guidance author, Dr. Redonna K. Writer, honcho of NIDA's Services Search Issue. "As a issue, its discourse is not as acquirable as it is for new examination conditions."

The describe, publicized in the Journal of the American Examination Connection (JAMA) launch that roughly half of all prisoners suffer several laurels of treatment dependency. "Treating medicate abusing offenders improves overt wellbeing and device," asserts co-author and NIDA administrator Dr. Nora D. Volkow, citing redoubled venture of contractable diseases equal HIV and hepatitis C among addicts. "Providing medicine abusers with handling also makes it little credible that these abusers faculty retrovert to the crook righteousness group."

Piece the spiky value of treatment is oft cited as a reasonableness for its indiscriminate absence from the situation structure, Author says the outlay benefits of treating drug-involved offenders is open: "A bill spent on ingest courts saves nearly $4 in avoided costs of incarceration and wellbeing tutelage; and prison-based treatment saves between $2 and $6."

Adds Volkow: "Watch addiction as a disease does not withdraw the obligation of the someone. It highlights the domain of the dependent someone to get ingest direction and society's field to straighten discourse available."

Drug Rehab Programs

To select a genuine Drug rehab center is of prime importance.People in desperation would not have a clear idea about what to expect from a Drug rehab center.It is very important to fully know about the authenticity of the staff working there, as it is their experience and knowledge which brings success.The cost and effectiveness of the program should also be considered.Before anyone makes a decision in choosing the rehab centers, all the queries in their mind regarding the center and the programs offered should be cleared by the authorities convincingly.

Drug Rehab Centers, Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs and Drug Treatment Centers

'Drug rehab center', 'drug treatment center', 'alcohol rehabilitation center', 'drug treatment program', and 'substance abuse treatment center' are all terms used to describe basically the same thing - a safe and supportive environment for recovery from drug addiction and/or alcoholism. They usually take the form of a residential addiction treatment center, but can also be intensive outpatient rehabilitationor day treatment programs, or day/night treatment programs - a type of treatment center that takes on the same form and provides many of the same services as a residential drug treatment center or alcohol rehab center, but utilizes more that one location for treatment - often a center for counseling and group therapy by day, and a separate residential setting at night. Alcohol and drug treatment centers, whether they are residential treatment centers or day/night treatment programs, all provide a nurturing, safe, and supportive setting to recover from drug addiction and alcoholism. Outpatient drug rehab programs and intensive outpatient drug rehab programs are more aptly suited to individuals who have already completed a higher level of care like primary residential drug treatment, or individuals whose addiction to drugs - whatever the drug - alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines (meth, crystal meth, speed), other opiates Vicodin, Oxycontin, morphine, methadone, barbiturates,Valium, Xanax, Ativan, Klonipin to name a few is less severe. Outpatient treatment programs are also appropriate for cases where the drugs are already out of the individual's system through a process of detoxification, whether it's rapid opiate detox for heroin addiction Read More

Prescription drug addiction

There is so much of information available about drug addiction and alcoholism.Very little information available about addiction and abuse of prescription drugs.Addiction to prescription drugs and withdrawal from them can be equally or even more dangerous than alcoholism and normal drug abuse.

There are mainly two types of prescription drugs to which people can get addicted.Pain killers or Opiods and tranquilizers or Benzodiazepine which are prescribed for anxiety management.These drugs can be prescribed for short term or long term depending upon the acute or chronic nature of the problem.

How person get addicted to prescription drugs?

For people suffering from chronic pain doctors may prescribe pain killers to relieve pain over a period of time the normal dose of the drug may loose its effectiveness.The patient may start to increase the dosage of the drug to get relief.Over a period of time the patient may not get relief unless he uses several times the normal prescription.This person gets addicted to the prescription possibilities for drugs.This kind of addiction are several times more in countries like India and Pakistan where such prescription drugs are easily available with over the counter in medical shops.


Tolerance is the ability of the body to adopt to the presence of drugs when painkillers and tranquilizers are taken for a long time,body does not respond to these drugs effectively.So,tolerance is a state of progressively decreased response to drugs.As a result larger than the normal doses may be revived for controlling the pain or anxiety.

Dependence or Addiction:

Dependence gradually increases when the drug tolerance builds up.Withdrawal symptoms develop if the drug is stopped.Unless the person uses the drug he cannot feel physically,psychologically and emotionally satisfied.

Over a period of time the drug becomes more important in their lives than anything else.People from all walks of life get addicted to prescription drugs.Intelligence or medical knowledge of the drugs does not deter people from becoming addicts to prescription drugs.In fact there is no difference between addiction to Alcoholism or any other narcotic substance.

Addictive behaviors:Read More:

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What do you mean by Drug Addiction

There is a subtle but important difference between drug abuse and drug addiction. Someone can abuse drugs without being addicted but the opposite is not true. It is not possible to be addicted to drugs without abusing them.

This is only to tell you about this blog will provide everything about drugs and their addictions and how can be treated.