Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ecstasy Addiction

MDMA(3,4- Methylenedioxyme thamphe tamine)is widely known as Ecstasy.It is a synthetic Drug which was first synthesized in Europe,used as appetite suppressant .Due to severe side effects the drug was out of use.The Drug has stimulating and hallucinogenic properties .The Drug is similar to LSD and amphetamines.The Drug was introduced in the USA in the 60s and was legally widely used for treating several psychiatric disorders.Due to the use of MDMA patients condition rather than improving deteriorated in many cases and hence the use of the Drug was discontinued.
In 1980 the drug became widely known for its psychedelia effects.Presenting it is on the top as a club drug Abused mostly among the collage students.
Ecstasy Addiction

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